Wholesale dealers in new
and newly used cars


Through targeted and direct acquisition all over Europe, we can offer our customers a wide range of high quality and current new and nearly new cars. Short lines and a transparent approach enable us to provide appropriate solutions for both procuring as vending parties.

Where do our
cars come from?

Our cars come directly from dealers, importers, rental companies and leasing companies. With no mediation from third parties: we inspect and purchase all vehicles ourselves.
A close relationship with our clients and suppliers is key here. They know us to be reliable, honest, flexible and above all creditworthy.


We buy


As an organisation with a large fleet of vehicles, you strive to achieve a rapid turnover. We invest in large numbers of cars, whereby a strong financial position and excellent creditworthiness guarantee the financing of our acquisition. This provides you access to an extensive European sales area.

Personal contact

In our business relationship, you can always count on us. For us, good personal contact is the basis for a successful partnership. We take decisions quickly and manage everything carefully and swiftly. Our motto: a deal is a deal.


Extensive inspections in the country of origin
Providing (international) transports
Administration of all import formalities, RDW inspection, declaration and Dutch tax on persons and motor vehicles

We sell

Wide and up-to-date range

Dealers, car traders and wholesalers choose from an interesting and wide range of cars with low mileage, no damage history and remaining manufacturer warranty. We also keep a close eye on the latest market development and competitive pricing. All cars arrive physically at our location, where we manage the entire import process, including Dutch vehicle registration.

Personal contact

At Dutch Car Supply, we like to keep lines of communication short. We stand for personal contact, with you and our suppliers. We strive to achieve a successful partnership, where transparency is key and you are assured of a top quality fleet.

“Knowing exactly which models and versions are current in which market is crucial. That benefits everybody.”

Who we are

Mark Klijnsma & Daan Savelsbergh

The driving forces behind Dutch Car Supply are Mark Klijnsma (1973) and Daan Savelsbergh (1987). Two men with many interests and extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry and experts in the European car trade. With a large international network and up-to-date knowhow of the market, regulations and legislation, Mark and Daan stand for personal contact, reliability and enthusiasm in the car trade.


Dutch Car Supply B.V.

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